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Whole round frozen tuna

Kibu supplies its clients with whole round frozen tuna of different species, those particularly suited for the canning industry and the manufacturing of frozen raw tuna products. These tuna species are Yellowfin, Skipjack, Bigeye and Albacore.

Processed tuna

Kibu can also deliver to its clients tuna already processed. This includes:

· Precooked frozen tuna loins, chunks or flakes.

· Raw frozen tuna loins, steaks, fillets.

Canned tuna

Kibu also sells canned tuna in different canned and pouch presentations and formats to accomodate the clients’ requirements:

· Products in retail and foodservice sizes

· Presentations in oil, brine, dressings or salads

· Packed in solid-pack, chunks or flakes

Other options

Kibu is totally dedicated to maintaining the health of the marine stocks and fully committed to the sustainability of the resources. All the tuna products that Kibu commercializes can be, as per our clients’ needs and Kibu’s own environmental preoccupations, more sustainability-minded.
The tuna products can be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Friend of the Sea (FOS) organizations.
The raw materials can have been specifically caught by more sustainable catching methods (FAD Free or Pole & Line fishing, for example), or within the context of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs).


Working in an ever more complex industry with a global reach, at Kibu we feel that a good way to inform the public, our clients, and our suppliers of our approach to sustainability is to summarize our company ethics, those guiding lights that push us to do more towards the conservation of the planet, to perform better in improving the health of the resources, and to be more active in achieving industry fair practices by all, and industry fair treatment for all.

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Supply Chain

Kibu Pte. Ltd. has a worldwide vision when doing business, both in its search for products and suppliers, as in its global client folder. Using “everywhere” as a sourcing area concept, at Kibu we search globally for the best price offers, the highest product quality and the most reliable suppliers to offer our clients bespoke service all around. From the fishing grounds in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans to processing plants from Ecuador to Papua New Guinea (and all places in between), our business is, in fact, “everywhere”. Relying on reputable forwarders, dedicated customs agents, and top shipping and logistics companies for each particular situation, we strive to give our clients the service they expect and deserve.

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About Us

Kibu Pte. Ltd. is created in 2015 out of a desire of its European parent company to establish a foothold in Asia from which to do business worldwide.

Being nearer to the Asian tuna processing hubs and to the Western Pacific Ocean fishing grounds, and taking advantage of the strategic Singapore location where Kibu is situated, allows the team easier movement to meet with suppliers, organize shipments or visit processing plants for product inspections.

In summary, the Kibu team travels in search of tuna products to offer them to its network of clients in different continents, aiming to give these clients a varied range of options and alternativers to suit their needs.

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